FileFly application feature list | FileFly


Cross-platform file transfers between Windows 10, macOS, or Linux based devices

FileFly is operating system agnostic: works on Windows, macOS, and Linux based devices. Install FileFly and connect the devices to the same network to transfer files between them.

Share files over WiFi or local network

FileFly does not require an internet connection to work. To send and receive files; connect your devices to the same WiFi network or use a LAN cable to connect your devices to the router. FileFly will automatically identify the connected devices when you start the application or when you click on the refresh button if the application is already running.

Automatic scanning and identification of devices

FileFly scans and automatically identifies the nearby devices. This helps in auto-identification of devices without the need to manually link them. The proprietary scanning and identification works in a platform independent way, helping to identify devices running on different operating systems.

Parallel file transfers to multiple devices

Send multiple files from your device to multiple devices at the same time.

Bi-directional file transfers

FileFly uses a non-blocking architecture which helps you to send and receive files from multiple devices at the same time

Custom device name

To help others to easily identify your device when they scan; set up a custom device name

Transfer history

Use past transfers and open the transferred files in explorer or finder; directly from the transfer history interface.

Custom transfer location

Set a custom transfer location on your device to easily find the files transferred from nearby devices

Share files directly without USB

Save time by directly transferring files to nearby devices without needing to transfer to a USB, Pen-drive or external hard drive. FileFly uses the bandwidth or speed of your router while transferring files without affecting your internet connection speed or bandwidth.

Easy to use drag and drop interface

FileFly provides multiple ways to send files to nearby devices. Use drag and drop if you are more accustomed to it or open the folder directly and select the files you want to transfer.

Complete control of transfers

FileFly offers complete control over the file transfer life cycle. You can abort the transfer as a sender; accept or deny incoming transfers, and even cancel an ongoing transfer as a receiver.